6th Grade Mathematics Curriculum Activities

Integers & Decimals
Positive or Negative Integers on a Number Line
Positive or Negative Integers Comparison
Integers Addition & Subtraction
Simplify the Numeric (Integers) Expression
Name, Integer & Fraction Part of Decimal Number
Writing Decimals in Words
Writing Decimal (10ths or 100ths) for Number in Words
Writing Decimals for Place Values
Write the Place Values of Decimal Number
Writing Decimals in Expanded Form
Expanded to Standard Decimal Form
Rounding Decimals to the Nearest Whole number
Rounding Decimals to Nearest 10th, 100th or 1000th
Multiple Decimals Addition
Subtracting a Decimal Number
Subtract Multiple Decimals
Decimals and Whole Numbers Long Multiplication
Decimals by Decimals Long Multiplication
Decimal to Fraction Conversion
Divisors & Factors
Write If a Number is a Prime or Composite
Write the Prime Factors of a Number
Write the Multiples of Number (up-to 5-Times)
Divisibility Test Rules
Write the Divisors of a Number
Write the Factors of a Number
Find the LCM of 2 Numbers
Find the LCM of 3 Numbers
Find the GCF of 2 Numbers
Find the GCF of 3 Numbers
Find the LCM from GCF of Numbers
Find the GCF from LCM of Numbers
Reciprocal for Fraction or Mixed Number
Like Fractions Addition & Subtraction
Find the LCD for Fractions
Unlike Fractions Comparison
Unlike Fractions Addition
Subtract a Fraction from Unlike Fraction
Unlike Fractions Addition and Subtraction
Multiplying Fraction with Fraction
Dividing Fraction by a Fraction
Adding Fractions with Whole Numbers
Fractions and Whole Numbers Subtraction
Addition & Subtraction with Whole Numbers and Fractions
Fractions and Whole Numbers Multiplication
Fractions and Whole Numbers Division
Fractions and Mixed Numbers Addition
Fractions and Mixed Numbers Subtraction
Addition & Subtraction with Mixed Numbers and Fractions
Fractions and Mixed Numbers Multiplication
Fractions and Mixed Numbers Division
Mixed Numbers Addition
Mixed Number Subtraction
Mixed Numbers Addition and Subtraction
Mixed Numbers Multiplication
Mixed Numbers Division
Mixed and Whole Numbers Addition
Mixed and Whole Numbers Subtraction
Mixed and Whole Numbers Multiplication
Mixed and Whole Numbers Division
Mixed & Whole Numbers Addition and Subtraction
Ratio & Proportion
Express the Ratios in Simplest Form
Simplifying Ratios (Word Problems)
Write Five Equivalent Ratios
Comparing Two Ratios
Determine If the Ratios are in Proportion
Find the Missing Value in Proportion
Find the Missing Values of Ratio & Proportion Table
Write Any Two Proportions by Using Means
Determine If the Ratios are in Direct Variation
Find the Missing Value in the Direct Variation
Find the Ratio and Proportion (Word Problems)
Clock & Telling Time
Hours & Minutes to Seconds Conversion
Hours to Minutes Conversion
Minutes & Seconds to Hours Conversion
12-Hours to 24-Hours Time Format Conversion
24-Hours to 12-Hours Time Format Conversion
Time Interval between Two Times
Time between Two Times (Word Problems)
Number of days between Two Dates
Days to Weeks Conversion
Check If Leap Year or Non-Leap Year
Area of Square, Rectangle, Triangle & Circle
Perimeter of Square, Rectangle, Triangle & Circle
Area & Perimeter of Square, Rectangle & Circle
Find the Missing Side of Square, Rectangle & Circle
Find the Area of Irregular Shapes
Find the Perimeter of Irregular Shapes
Area & Perimeter of Irregular Shapes
Write the Type of Angles
Measure of Complementary & Supplementary Angles
Measure of Missing Angle
Measurement & Conversion
Length Conversion (Miles, Furlongs, Yards, Feet & Inches)
Mass Conversion (Ounce, Pound & Ton)
Volume Conversion (Gallon, Pint, Quart & Ounce)
Length Measurement Word Problems
Mass Measurement Word Problems
Volume Measurement Word Problems
Larger to Smaller Unit Conversion
Smaller to Larger Unit Conversion
Length Conversion between (Kilometers, Meters, Centimeters & Millimeters)
Mass Conversion between (Tonnes, Kilograms & Grams)
Volume Conversion between (Cubic Meter, Liters & Milliliters)
Solve Simple Algebraic Equations
Write the Algebraic Expression for Statement
Algebraic Expression for Mathematical Operations
Algebraic Expressions to Words Conversion
Find the Equivalent Algebraic Expressions
Write TRUE or FALSE (Algebraic Expression)
Data Handling
Draw a Bar Graph for the Data
Refer Pictograph & Answer the Questions

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