Kindergarten Mathematics Curriculum Activities

Counting Numbers
Recognize Last Number Name Said Tells the Number of Objects
Understand Relationship between Numbers and Quantities
Counting Backward from 10
Counting Forward from given Number
Count to Answer How Many Objects
Number Names for Counting Objects in the Standard Order
Counting Backward from 10 using Images
Represent a Number of Objects in Numeral 0-20
Numbers Comparison
Recognize Each Successive Number is One Greater
Compare Two given Numbers up to 10
Identify 2D or 3D Geometry Shape
Correctly Name Shapes Regardless of Orientations
Measurement & Conversion
Recognize Penny, Nickel, Dime and Quarter Values
Describe Several Measurable Attributes of Objects
Common Measurable Attributes Direct Comparison
Group and Compare Objects by Group Size
Find the Number Makes 10
Decompose Numbers (0-10) into Addend Pairs
Putting Together and Taking Away
Fluently Add and Subtract within 10 using Mental Strategies
Putting Together and Taking Away using Expression

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