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Are you looking for the best school near to your location?
Schools near me is one of the most basic search for everyone who has relocated to the new place due to employment or any personal reasons. It requires location permission, to list the nearest schools to your current physical location. However, without allowing the location permission of your device, you can still find the list of nearby government, private and english medium schools by using the location name in the below search bar.

Refer the above list of government and private schools to choose the best (play, elementary, primary, middle, high, secondary, intermediate, K-12, IB, CBSE) school which is nearby to your current location, home, office, address, area or zip code. Tap on the school name to get more details such as distance in km or miles from your location, school address and user reviews.

Are you moving to new location?
Type in your preferred location name in the above search bar to check the list of schools near to that location. For example, if you are relocating to the new location "Bay Area, Mountain View, California", type in "Bay Area" and hit on FIND to list all the schools in and around 20 kilometers from the Bay Area. Start search for the best school nearby to your new home, office, area or zip code to enroll your kid.

How to choose the best school for your kid?
Refer the list of government, government aided, private, K-5, K-8, K-12, CBSE and play schools near to your location (home or office), refer ratings, reviews and discussions, enquire curriculum framework, fee details and teacher to student ratio, and have some words with students to choose the best school for your kid!

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