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How to analyze the performance of a student against a particular curriculum activity?

By referring the performance analytics data under RankUpturn Progress dashboard, the subject Teacher, Institution Admin and Principal users can understand how an individual student in the classroom is performing or understand the student’s need against a desired learning objective of a curriculum being taught. Please follow the below procedure to check the progress of an individual student in the classroom.

Step 1: Login to RankUpturn by using your login credentials. Please make sure that you have logged in as a Teacher. On successful login, on your main dashboard, you can see the list of classrooms that have been assigned for you based on the subjects.

Step 2: Click on the desired classroom to start collaborate with the classroom of students based on the curriculum or subject which has been assigned for you.

Step 3: Click on the Progress in the main menu, and check the subject and curriculum. If you are assigned for multiple subjects of the same classroom, choose the subject to check the performance score of classroom of students against each and every learning objectives in the curriculum.

Step 4: Choose the Student tab and click on the desired student performance score list the list of curriculum objectives of the desired subject, and check the Progress of classroom against each and every curriculum objectives. By referring the Progress score, you can clearly understand how well your students have observed your teaching. If any Progress score which is below 75% or not up to the satisfactory level may required to be focused more.

Step 5: Click on the Progress score against the learning objective lists the number of activities that have been taken into collaboration with the student. From the list of shared activities, select the desired activity to be rescheduled on which the intended student is not performing well or up to the satisfactory level. You can also click on the Schedule Activity link to check the connected learning activity templates to modify and schedule the activities to the student.

Step 6: Click on NEXT button provided underneath to the list of learning activities table takes you to the SCHEDULER. Check classroom name, student name and fill in the scheduler values to reschedule the activity for the desired student. Similarly, as a subject Teacher you can reschedule the learning activities that can help the student to understand the subject well.


  1. In addition to Subject Teacher, the other users like Institution Admin and Principal can also access the performance analytics data of the classroom to measure the real-time performance of the entire classroom of students collectively and individually.
  2. The performance analytics data shows how well a student is performing against each and every learning objective of the curriculum; and how well the entire classroom of students performing against each and every learning objective of the curriculum.
  3. By referring the classroom performance analytics data, you can easily measure the performance gaps, clearly understand the learning needs of students and fill the learning gaps effectively.
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