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How to create the learning activities with my own material, content and/or ideas?

As a Teacher, by using your own materials, resources and ideas, you can create meaningful learning activities against each and every learning objectives of the corresponding curriculum to collaborate with your classroom of students. Please follow the below procedure to create the learning activities based on your own ideas and resources.

Step 1: Login to RankUpturn by using your login credentials. Please make sure that you have logged in as a Teacher. On successful login, on your main dashboard, you can see the list of classrooms that have been assigned for you based on the subjects.

Step 2: Click on the desired classroom to start collaborate with the classroom of students based on the curriculum or subject which has been assigned for you.

Step 3: Click on the curriculum menu in the main menu, and check the subject and curriculum. If you are assigned for multiple subjects of the same classroom, choose the subject to check the learning objectives.

Step 4: Locate the desired learning objective of the subject from the list of learning objectives, on which you would like to create and/or schedule the learning activity for the classroom of students by using your own ideas and resources.

Step 5: Click on Create Activity link given against the desired learning objective of the curriculum to create the learning activity and schedule it to the classroom of students. You can create and connect multiple learning activities to a single learning objective of the curriculum, if required. You can also create the learning activity templates to reuse and create the similar activities later. On successful schedule, the learning activity will be published into the students feeds based on PUBLISH date and timing for the student engagement.

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