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How to CREATE or ADD Curriculum based on Subject?

The curriculum is a collection of learning objectives for a course or training program. With RankUpturn services, the Principal, Institution/School Admin and Teachers with Curriculum Admin privilege can create and modify the curriculum objectives for a subject or course. Also connect and modify learning resources against the curriculum objectives by using the below procedure.

Step 1: Login to the RankUpturn by using your login credentials. Please make sure that you have logged into as School Admin or Principal.

Step 2: On the Main dashboard or under Curriculum menu in the main menu, click on the + ADD CURRICULUM button.

Step 3: Select the Grade/Academic and Subject. If the Grade and Subject list is empty, add the Grade/Academic first and then add the Subjects. Both Grade/Academic and Subject are required to create or add the curriculum.

Step 4: Enter the name of the curriculum. The curriculum name can be of Subject or any of your preference to easily recognize now and later.

Step 5: Check if any curriculum has been created and shared by other users of your institution for the desired subject. If anything so, you can select, customize and reuse the shared curriculum to create the curriculum for the desired subject.

Step 6: If there is no shared curriculum available or you don’t prefer to reuse the shared curriculum, and you would like to create the curriculum by adding the learning objectives prescribed by the curriculum frameworks, you can add the learning objectives block by block.

Step 7: Click on SAVE button creates the curriculum of learning objectives for the desired subject. The created curriculum will be available for Institution Admins to assign the corresponding classrooms.


If you would like to connect the meaningful learning resources, you can create and connect the learning activity templates and learning resources (videos, files and images) to each and every learning objectives of the curriculum. Doing so will help the subject Teachers to save time more significantly and help the students access the learning resources beforehand. The activity templates will be accessible for the corresponding teachers to reuse it from the curriculum dashboard, whereas the connected learning resources will be accessible for both teachers and students, if assigned to the classrooms.

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