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Classrooms can be only created by Principal, School Admins or Users having that privilege to do so. The classroom consists of students, teachers, curriculums and classroom admin. To create the CLASSROOM with RankUpturn, please follow the below procedure.

Step 1: Login to your User Account with RankUpturn services.

Step 2: Please make sure that you have logged into as Institution/School Admin or Principal.

Step 3: On your Dashboard, click on + CREATE CLASSROOM button.

Step 4: Select the Grade and Name your classroom.

Step 5: Follow the instructions on Screen to Add the students of that Classroom. You can also Add your Students later after creating your Classroom.

Step 6: Click on NEXT and check if everything looks fine. Alter the details if any errors and click on NEXT.

Step 7: On your final screen click on CREATE button to create the Classroom.

Important Note:

By adding students to the CLASSROOM, the corresponding Students accounts get created automatically. In the CLASSROOM Dashboard, you can find all the students login credentials. Only CLASSROOM admin can access the students’ account credentials through the corresponding CLASSROOM dashboard. For security reasons, the students’ account credentials will not be shown to anyone else except that particular CLASSROOM ADMIN. A CLASSROOM can have multiple teachers but only one Classroom Admin. School Admin can ASSIGN any teacher of a classroom as a CLASSROOM ADMIN of that classroom. The teacher who is not a part of the classroom can’t be set as a CLASSROOM ADMIN of that classroom.

Similarly, you can CREATE as many classrooms required under your School/Institution Account with RankUpturn services. Please be informed that a complete classroom must have at-least one class teacher, one classroom admin, one curriculum and students.

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