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How to Add Subjects based on Grades, Academics or Courses?

After adding Grades, Academics or Courses list, adding the list of subjects based on the Grade, Academic or Course is one of the very important things to do for your institution setup. Because the curriculum and teachers will be created or assigned based on the corresponding subjects only.

With RankUpturn services, the INSTITUTION/SCHOOL ADMIN users can add and modify the list of subjects based on the Grades/Academics list available under the corresponding INSTITUTION/SCHOOL account, by using the below procedure.

Step 1: Login to RankUpturn by using your login credentials. Please make sure that you have logged into as Institution Admin or Root user.

Step 2: On the Main Dashboard, click on +ADD SUBJECTS button prompts you to enter your account password to list the subjects based on the Grades/Academics/Courses available under your institution.

Step 3: Click on the desired Grades/Academics/Course in the left side pane to check the list of subjects for that selected Grades/Academics/Course. Please check the available list and make sure if anything needs to be added, modified or removed in the list.

Step 4: If the list is empty and you would like to add new subjects, click on EDIT button, enter the subject name and click on ADD NEW SUBJECT. You can add multiple subjects one by one.

Step 5: Click on SAVE button to enlist the newly added subjects based on the Grades/Academics/Course. Similarly you can check and add the subjects for other Grades/Academics/Courses available under your institution.

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