Real Time Data Dashboard of Your Educational Institute

Build Tasks, Automate, Monitor, Identify and Bridge the Learning Gap!
RankUpturn is a comprehensive (hybrid) learning management system for all types of educational institutes to effectively use their existing human resources to achieve an exceptional teaching and learning experience. It’s an innovative one-stop solution to make teaching and learning more simplified, interesting, personalized, engaged, scalable and seamlessly accessible from anywhere, anytime!

Comprehensive (Hybrid) Learning Management System

Teaching and Learning is on the go now
Experience the Personalized Learning like Never Before!
RankUpturn is a comprehensive (hybrid) learning management system makes your classroom much smarter than ever before and helps to achieve the best teaching and learning experience at all times. It’s an innovative one-stop solution which offers almost everything that your institution needs to create, organize, automate, deliver, monitor, receive and value almost all types of day-to-day classroom and curriculum activities of your audiences. In addition, you can monitor what is happening with your institution, identify the learning gap and bridge it effectively in real-time!
Why RankUpturn?!
Triggers Creativity and Builds Confidence
Effective Utilization of Technology and Human Resources!
RankUpturn is a good fit for all types of Rotational, Traditional, Online and Blended mode classroom environments. Along with RankUpturn tools and learning resources, educational institutes can make the quality education easily and equally accessible for everyone in the institution by only utilizing 5 to 20% of existing human (teaching) resources of educational institutes. The tailor made one-stop solution free-up more time, triggers the creativity of every audiences, maximize the productivity and increase the confidence level of all audiences!
What can you do with RankUpturn?!

Classroom and Curriculum Automation

Achieve Exceptional Teaching and Learning Experience!
Educational institutes can quickly setup the hybrid learning environment, centrally reinforce the curriculum aligned learning resources, build any creative ideas into learning materials, automate all the classroom and curriculum activities for students to explore, learn, practice, value and assess the learning objectives, and effectively reuse the curriculum activities, collaboration, response management and engagement records, and centrally monitor and tune the performance of every individual in your K-12 school district, school, institution or classroom from the dashboard to drive your entire audiences to the objectives from x to 2x times.

A Solution for your Future School!

Stay Competitive Now and Forever
Your Future School may Starts here!
Incorporating comprehensive learning management system (LMS) into your educational institution today is a great idea to ensure the continuous delivery of content, maximize the availability of classroom, and make the learning more interesting, personalized, scalable, engaged and seamlessly accessible from anywhere, anytime. Hence, your future school may start with blended or hybrid learning management system to make your classrooms much smarter than ever, achieve the best teaching and learning experience and to stay compete in the education sector for now and future!
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